I’ve had a great time at the 6th round for races 9 and 10 of the CEV Repsol European Talent Cup at Motorland Aragon. Its an amazing track is mega fast and is my now favourite after Valencia. It’s been another hard weekend but I have definitely been enjoying riding the bike and my times/results have been a lot better.

Practice Thursday/Friday

Jack Hart RacingWe arrived later on the Wednesday and once again had to get my bike built back together after some repairs from my crash in the last race. I knew right away in the first session that I would like the track and was quickly doing some good times. By the third session I was overtaking other riders and concentrating on braking later and trying to get on the gas quicker which is where I’ve really been losing time. We put some newer old tyres in for the last session to see if it helped me get more grip. Unfortunately the problem that I had all weekend at Montmelo reappeared and the bike cut out (twice 🙄). Luckily we knew what to change this time so hoped the bike would be fine for Friday. I was expecting to go faster again in the first session on the Friday but for some reason I just struggled with grip and couldn’t set any good times. We messed about with the settings for the second session but it didn’t help and I was very frustrated.

Saturday Qualifying

We decided to get new tyres for the qualifying to see how that would help my grip problems and it made a huge difference. The bike just felt glued to the track and I was going 2.5s a lap quicker and felt I could go quicker but I had ended out on track on my own and you need slipstreaming to get good times here. I used the same tyres for the second session and managed to go a second a lap quicker again and actually set my fastest lap on my last lap on my now 40 lap old tyres 😳😀. Unfortunately due to my mechanic being useless 😤 a small technical infringement meant my times from the second session didn’t count but I still qualified in 28th position out of 33 from my time in the first session.

Sunday Races

We tweaked the suspension a bit for the races but it didn’t feel good in the warm up and I also had problems with changing gears and braking, not a good session 😱. My dad then had to sort the suspension, put in a new clutch and brake pads in just over an hour, lucky I couldn’t sack him after Saturday 😂😝. The changes all worked well but as usual I didn’t get a great start, I still managed to overtake a couple of riders and was getting faster every lap and catching the riders in front but had a bit of chatter. The race was then red flagged and we just had 10min to get ready for a fast start and a 5 lap dash! I hoped with a good start I could then push to be with the faster riders. Unfortunately I only got an average start and lost a couple of places but I was able to do some good times. With only 5 laps I wasn’t able to get a better position and finished in a good 21st position 👍🏻. For the second race we made some changes to try and fix the chatter that had reappeared during the first race. This worked but I got my worst start of the year and was stone last over the line 😡, it took me a couple of laps to get past three riders and I couldn’t get the bike into first or second gear but I tried to push and was setting good times but then in one corner I didn’t get a gear, then did and it made me somehow bend my brake up so couldn’t reach the lever as I headed for the gravel, so another DNF. Despite this I’ve really enjoyed this weekend as the track was amazing and I’ve really been enjoying riding the Moto3. Next round is at my favourite track Valencia in 6 weeks and it might even be Scottish weather 😜.

Huge thanks again to everyone helping us out that without them we couldn’t be doing this.